Caraustar: Mill Group

Recycled paperboard is the foundation of Caraustar. We have six mills located in the West, South, and Midwest regions allowing superior service to most locations. We are the only major company producing grades in all four of the industry’s principal markets: tubes and cores, folding cartons, gypsum wallboard facing paper and specialty paperboard products.

Our performance within the industry speaks for itself. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of recycled boxboard in the United States, the second largest domestic producer of specialty paperboard products, one of the top five carton board suppliers and the number two supplier of paperboard to the tube, core and composite container market. To ensure maximum production efficiency and capacity utilization, each Caraustar mill produces paperboard for at least two of the four principal markets. We are also the largest independent supplier of gypsum wallboard facing paper in North America.


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