Caraustar: Sustainability

Caraustar SustainabilityCaraustar’s Commitment

  • Caraustar is a socially responsible corporation and is committed to environmentally sound practices.
  • Caraustar will continue to develop partnerships with its vendors and customers so we may
    achieve our collective sustainability goals.
  • Caraustar is committed to the strategic use of
    the sustainable manufacturing processes which are built into its corporate culture. We are continually investigating new ways to expand
    upon this commitment.

Social Responsibility

  • 70 years of commitment to recycling and the manufacture of 100% recycled paperboard products.
  • Caraustar recovers 2.4 million tons of paper fiber each year.
  • In the past 5 years Caraustar Mills have:
    • Reduced carbon emissions by 21.9%
    • Reduced energy per ton by 14.6%
    • Reduced water per ton by 18.9%

Demonstration of our Commitment

  • Caraustar’s Recovered Fiber Group developed a program to collect and recycle used, damaged, obsolete and over-issued books for conversion into recycled paper products. We collected 18,000 tons of books in 2008.
  • Caraustar uses Lean manufacturing practices and Kaizen events to improve efficiencies and reduce plant waste. In one plant, an event yielded a 43% reduction in make-ready time and, in another plant, we reduced waste by 30% on a line.
  • Caraustar uses vegetable and soy inks for the majority of our offset and flexographic printing, reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the environment. We have installed inking systems on our presses that control the consumption of ink and reduce the amount of ink waste by 20%.
  • Caraustar packaging engineers analyze customer’s structures and substrates to provide sustainable packaging alternatives, while meeting or exceeding specifications. Our packaging engineers re-designed one structure for a customer, which reduced the paperboard consumed by 45%, and reduced greenhouse gases by over 40%.
  • Introduction of a 4th paperboard grade, ES paperboard (Environmentally Smart) made entirely of recovered fiber, with a minimum of 50% post consumer waste.

Environmental ProductsEnvironmental Products

ES paperboard “Environmental Smart”
(made entirely of recovered Fiber with a minimum of 50% post consumer waste)

Produced at our Sweetwater Mill, Austell, GA.

  • 12 - 26 pt calipers available.
  • Lower basis weight than regular CRB.
  • Pound for pound stronger than regular CRB.
  • Greater value than regular CRB.
  • More moisture resistant than regular CRB.
  • Improved environmental footprint – Less energy, Less water, Less greenhouse gases emitted, Less Freight cost.

Membership Awards / Information Sources

  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP)
  • Alabama Recycling Coalition
  • The Carolina’s Recycling Coalition
  • Florida Recycles
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition
  • Tennessee Recycling Coalition
  • Southeast Recycling Development Coalition
  • Appointment to sustainability advisory boards for the Greener Package and Package Design Magazines
  • 21st DuPont Packaging Innovations Awards:
    Noteworthy Accomplishment Award for Sustainable Packaging – Callaway Golf
  • Austell Mill #1 & Sweetwater Mills have SFI, FSC, and PEFC certifications.


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